History of Harsiddhi Maa
            In Rajpipla there is an interesting story of arrival of Goddess Harsidhhi. In 1630 King Chhatrasalji from 25th generation had installed on the throne of Rajpipla. He was very religious. Her Queen name was Nandkunwar Baa. She was also very religious & Loyal.She was also great devotee of Goddess Harsidhhi like King Chhatrasalji. She used to go Ujjain for the visit of Goddess Harsidhhi.. With the blessings & devotion of Goddess Harsidhhi Nandkunwar Baa gave a birth to child in 1650. With his birth there was celebrated the birth-day with rejoice.  This child would be very religious & Loyal like his parents, it was said by the priest to King Chhatrasalji. His name was said to be Verisalji which was kept by  his Aunt.
            As time was passing away Prince Verisalji was growing up & started getting all virtues & goodness from his parents. He also started going to Ujjain for the visit of Goddess Harsidhhi. Since childhood he had intense love towards Goddess Harsidhhi. The scene when he used to go to Temple for the worship of Goddess Harsidhhi was very eye-catching. He liked it very much to come at holly land to the sight of Goddess Harsidhhi. With his age his intelligence  was also started developing. He took sight of Goddess Harsidhhi with her mother Nandkunwar Baa. He felt the statue of Goddess Harsidhhi visually inspired by which he asked his mother “How did our Family Goddess came here & who built this holly Temple?” Then Nandkunwar Baa said “This holly temple is made by the King Vikramaditya & on the request of King Vikramaditya only Goddess Harsidhhi came from Koyala Donger, Goddess Harsidhhi is our family Goddess because of whose sight we come here to visit her”. Listening the answer of Nandkunwar Baa Mother Verisalji started thinking & asked with the innocent face “on the request of King Vikramaditya Goddess came here from Koyala Donger so why wont she come with us to Rajpipla? If we take her to Rajpipla then we need not to come so long for her visit “. Then asked seeing Goddess “Will you come with us to Rajpipla ?”.Listening thess sweet word from the mouth of child his mother Nandkunwar Baa & Father King Chhatrasalji started smiling & said with love that “child, If the worship of goddess is done with love & whole hearted then defiantly she will give appearance & will also come with us’ Verisalji asked “Really Mother? Then I will also worship her whole hearted & will take her to Rajpipla” Verisalji asked Priest “Master, How do you remember Goddess Harsidhhi?, I will also remember the same way & will take her to Rajpipla” Then Priest told“ Om Harsidhhiye namaha, like this I recall, you also do the same”
            Then very happy hearted Verisalji said recalling Goddess Harsidhhi “Defiantly will do the same” and seeing before Goddess Harsidhhi said “If your blessings will be with me then I will defiantly take you with me to Rajpipla”After living in Ujjain for some days again he came to Rajpipla and after that Verisalji started  recalling Goddess Harsidhhi regularly. As and when Verisalji started growing old his devotion towards Goddess Harsidhhi also started growing and thus he became great Devotee of Goddess Harsidhhi. His life got engaged in the devotion of Goddess Harsidhhi.
In 1652, Verisalji’s father King Chhatrasalji was died , at that time verisalji was merely  22 years. In the age of 22 he acceded to the throne of Rajpipla. With his Loyalty & devotion towards  Goddess Harsidhhi he started handling the administration of Rajpipla very successfully. His loyalty & kind heart won the minds of Rajpipla. After installation of throne he used to go for the visit of Goddess Harsidhhi as & when he got time. One day Goddess Harsidhhi came in the dream of Verisalji & said that “I m delighted with your Devotion & service, I know what you want,So, I will come with you along with other gods to Vindyachal Region to stay forever Veer Vetaal & Mahabaleshwar Mahadev would also come with me.But I have a condition, that we all will come behind you & you should not turn back. The spot where you broke my condition fron there I will not take a step ahead & on the same place only you will have to make our statues. If you are agreed then I will complete your wish to take me to Rajpipla. Now when you will come to Ujjain I will also come with you ” saying that Goddess Harsidhhi got disappeared from dream & Verisalji opened his eyes. He recalled Goddess Harsidhhi & got up. After finishing his bath he started approaching Ujjain & after 3 days he reached Ujjain.
            After reaching Ujjain he took bath & went to temple for worship.Goddess thought about taking his exam. Because of her influence verisalji forgot to take kumkum with him for worship. It was Verisalji’s principle not to talk or get up from worship. While doing worship he realized that he forgot to take kumkum & without kumkum he cought in thought & started searching here & there for kumkum he thought what to do now? Immediately he took out knife
& cut his tail finger & applied blood to goddess forhead. in place of kumkum. & thus completed his worship. And said to Goddess politly “Oh, Goddess, please accept my blood as kumkum & forgive me for my mistake.” Goddess got delighted with his devotion & replied “Ask whatever you want !”. Then Verisalji replied “I m satisfied with your humbleness But come with me only as if you told me the way in the dream”. Goddess said "You remember my condition we will come like that only". Verisalji said, "Goddess I accept your condition". Goddess said "Tomorrow I will definitely come with you."
            Next day morning Verisalji went to the temple with his charming face and after completing the worship waited for the permission of Goddess. At that time he heard the voice from clouds that "Oh Prince, you sit on my horse and recall the Rajpipla in mind so that you will reach soon there and we are coming behind you." Listening that Verisalji got very happy and sat on the horse after giving salutation to Goddess. Immediately horse started running very fast on the land and within only 2 hours he reached in his region by blessings of Goddess Harsiddhi. Seeing all these Verisalji thought has Goddess possessed me.”? Like many thoughts came in Verisalji’s mind and he forgot his condition and turn back to see, by the moment he found that Goddess Harsiddhi is coming behind in the form of a girl sitting on tiger. When Verisalji turned behind then Goddess said ”You have broken my condition so here where I am make my statue.” Listening this from Goddess Verisalji realized his mistake. Goddess had come in the boundary of Rajpipla but Kings’ wish was to take her in the Palace and taking the benefit of the service of Goddess. He regretted his mistake but possibly it was the wish of Goddess that her temple should be out of the city, That’s why he forgot the condition. On that spot only Goddess Harsiddhi gave the sight to Verisalji sitting on tiger. That was Tuesday of 1657, and 8th day of Navaratari. This day only Goddess had come with Verisalji and stood there and on this place only Verisalji made great temple. Along with him  Goddess Harsidhhi had come to Rajpipla. After that Verisalji’s devotion increased more. Verisalji also made temple in the remembrance of his mother Nandkuwar Baa. Nandpur was village which was formed in the remembrance of Nandkuwar Baa. And in this village he made the statue of Nandakeshwar Wahadev in 1660. After some days this village was known with the name of “Nandod”. And todays Nandod is recognized with the name of Rajpipla.
            Like this on the Ashthami of Navaratari in 1657 the Goddess Harsiddhi had come with the devotion of King Verisalji. And today also this city is developing with the prosperity by the blessing of Goddess Harsiddhi.
            In 1707, when there was drought Verisalji made a lake out side of the temple and also made a well besides Laboratory.
            ‘Verisalji’ who had brought Jagdamba Jagatjanani Goddess Harsiddhi to the Rajpipla with his great devotion and faith had done administration of his kingdom  till the age of 61 and died in 1751 at the age of 85.
            After his death his son Jeevsingh had moved throne to the ‘Nandapur’ which is now recognized as ‘Nandod’. Today also there generation King Raghuveersingh is there in the heart of people of Rajpipla.
            In 1950 this temple had entrusted to the Government of Gujarat. Since than till 1973 Government of Gujarat maintained it. After that Rajpipla city entrusted to ‘Hindu Temple Community to maintain.
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